"I was first introduced to Wonder Water products a few weeks ago. I tried every flavor and Lavendar was definitely my favorite. The lemon and charcoal were my second favorite. I actually really like them all. It is much better than flavored soda water that's for sure. The water taste so delicious and fresh. You can tell a huge difference from drinking plane filtered water versus alkaline water. There is so much more benefit to drinking water that's actually good for you! pH balance for our bodies is crucial to keep us healthy and maintained. You can feel an instant boost when drinking this water. Water happens to be water I drink most of. I'm so glad I was introduced to Wonder Water. There's really an amazing thing here with the technology and quality of water they are able to produce."

Natasha, K

  • " The Rose water is my favorite! but every product I have tried from Wonder Water has tastedgood - feeling good! "

Shelby, K

" My new favorite water store! Friendly customer service, the decor is beautiful and they let you hang out in their lounge with free wifi and snacks for as long as you want. The kombucha is really good but I'm obsessed with their alkaline rose water for its many skin benefits. I'm looking forward to trying all of their healthy waters! "

Kim, L

"I have been drinking the alkaline water and the curcumin for three weeks and have had amazing results. I have tried several different ways to loose weight with little weight loss until I tried this regimen! The results speak for themselves! I also have been more energetic! "

Carol, A

"Best tasting water ever !  This store is a new find and I love it.  Discovered it 3 days ago and been there every day since I'm a water connoisseur and I love alkaline water - this store has naturally flavored alkaline water - talk about heaven !  So far, rose, lavender and peppermint are my faves.  I purchased the lemon and charcoal 'reverse osmosis' water and can't wait to try them as well !"

Makeda, S

"This place is gorgeous and they have a great variety of flavors. I have tried the lavender and the alkaline and love both of them!! Their water  tastes clean and fresh. Even though there are other places to buy water, I come here because of the ambiance and customer service= both excellent. I feel so relaxed when I'm in there. Great addition to the neighborhood"

Angelina, P